8 puppies

Charles Cormier
6 min readJul 7, 2023
1/8 pup, the one we kept, Winter :)

wifey & I recently adopted a dog. we named her leyla.

precisely, wifey saw the dog twice in the streets near our home. she’s a small dog, labrador looking, all black with brown eyes. beautiful creature.

we cleaned her up, got her dewormed and all.

we then went on a yoga retreat for a weekend, came back and found her bloated like a bowling ball.

we instantly knew: she’s pregnant!

we got the vet to confirm this through ultrasounds.

at first, we estimated around 6 pups.

okay, do we move forward with the pregnancy or get an abortion?

wifey & I are planning to have children's in less than 2 years, and we thought: why not take the challenge? the thesis was that although we already had a full schedule: the wedding, ultra events, our businesses, this could be manageable and we could learn a lots as parents.

then, the second ultra sound revealed 8 pups. challenge accepted.

the belly of our dog leyla grew gigantic. I never knew such a small dog could inflate that much. it was impressive to see her carry her full weight and doubling up.

we’ve been with leyla for only 1 month and had very few time to educate her, and her behaviors grew erratic with the pregnancy: always hungry…



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