A bottle broken on my head and my 2nd Ironman. Mont-Tremblant 2022.

Charles Cormier
4 min readJun 24, 2022

Why the fuck would I be doing a second Ironman? I mean, the hardest 1 day endurance event in the world, twice? Why Charles? More pain, didn’t you had enough?

Well, truth be told, I have some demons to fight in Mont-Tremblant. Here’s the story.

The second phase of my life, which I’d quality as “party and alcohol”, was quite tumultuous. Lots of people ask me why I have 7 cm scar over my left eye. People used to call me “Scarface” when I was younger. Long story short, a bottle got broken on my head and slashed my face in Mont Tremblant, then scarred from sunburns in Cancun, 2 weeks after that incident.

The longer version is that I went to a bar with 2 of my bros, in Mont-Tremblant. We were in a club and this crazy chick I was dancing with pulled my vest opened, breaking all buttons in the process. We got the doormen to pull her out of the club. She got mad. And then, at 2:00am, just like that, going out of the club, BAM! a bottle smashed on my head. The lady had been hiding, waiting for me, caught me in a dead angle.

Apart from the obvious psychological ills that it takes for a human to do that, well, I had deserved it at this point of my life, TBH. Not that particular night, but from taking so much risks and always seeking trouble for a good 7 years straight of my life, partying, drinking and taking the most outraging challenges while drunk.

I never got punched, stabbed or shot during all these years, although sadly, in an alternate reality, this has happened to me. Just 1 guy getting mad over my shit. I must have pissed hundreds back in these days. I was cocky, arrogant and invited trouble, always. So I only got a bottle broken on my head this time. Got in a fight afterwards to repel the treat. Bleeding all over the place, head opened. Ambulance time now, police asked me if I wanted to sue. “Nope”. Back to the condo with a bandana. 1–2 weeks later, at 18, I was in Cancun, getting this scar permanently stitched on my skull.

So, Ironman Mont-Tremblant 2022, to me, is shovelling dirt on that past life. Just another step to becoming the Man I want to become. I often reflect on my past with some kind of shame, while it shaped me into who I am today. I am the cream of the crop today. I went…

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