Bromont Ultra 80km

Charles Cormier
3 min readOct 9, 2022

I’m running an 80km #ultramarathon with 3500m in elevation. Why?

The 1st technical why is that I’m training for crazier things, like Everest, or a 2 days 160km ultra trail. The 2nd technical why is that I LOVE trail.

My strength in endurance events is uphills, as I’ve often trained my cardio for these zones through HIITs throughout my athlete years.

The nature is so beautiful, and trail running is not running in a straight, boring line. It forces your brain to be in the moment, which is the goal of running.

^^This is related to my 2 soft why’s. I do endurance events for mental growth. Yes, these events harm your body, they take you to the next level quicker than anything else I’ve experienced. Pretty sure Zuck’s gonna get into trail running, give him a couple of years.

In the forest, when the endorphins and the serotonin is kicked in, one gets in trance states / mystical moments. I’ve had those mystical moments in my 2 past Ironmans, in which I began crying, releasing all emotion, feeling fully alive. These events are life-defining.

Connecting with mother nature also makes one care even more about the environment, realizing we are all interconnected.

Running makes me fall in deep meditations, also, in which you forget about time and are fully in the moment…



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