Diversity Travesty

Charles Cormier
2 min readMar 9

Let’s act diverse instead of talking about diversity.

If diversity really increases ROI, then businesses will stop talking about it and act on it. But now it’s mostly feelgood nonsense.

What rational-libertarian-contrarians do not like about “diversity” is its hypocrisy. We believe in the market’s self-equilibrium and do not believe in external outsized help.

25% of billionaires are Jewish, while comprising only 1% of the population. Yep, the most persecuted folks in history.

People need to lift themselves up, even if this takes 50–100 years. Adapt to the market’s needs. And people are adapting, with the internet, the world is becoming 1 big market.

If you won the genetic lottery, congrats. If you didn’t win it, too bad. In both cases, work your ass off. People anywhere will pay for your talent. The best of us do not mind appearance, all we care about is performance. I’ve seen countries lag back in terms of performance. Their culture. Who cares. Adapt to this new world and to The Market.

Capitalism is beautiful for one reason: it works, especially when there’s no nonsense interventions.

What’s frustrating is that low-IQ hijacked the diversity convo and low IQ is not compatible with money. Businesses are now taking advantage of this. Most don’t know what diversity means. Old guys in their 60’s still faxing have never lived this new virtual reality. Physical business aka how you look, no longer matters. It’s all internal stats now.

Diversity became dollar signs, lies and noise, rather than advancements. Things have been moving forward if you look at the stats. Tech, inventions and systems are naturally making diversity better. No need for government forced bullshit to make it happen quicker. Let the market be. Don’t cause disequilibrium. Gov interventions are only good at one thing: being taken advantage of by rational humans. Causing fake, non-scalable growth, that crashes and burns.

But governments are elected by its people, right? Time to rethink democracy and really go for what’s better for all of us.

Charles Cormier

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