shut up and build

Charles Cormier
2 min readAug 19, 2023

Scaling the pod, I’m getting much more good, but also some bad replies/actors:

“hey, you had this bad guy on the podcast, he owes me money, shame on you.”

“this guy as a questionable reputation, hence I won’t come on your pod”

“can I come on your podcast to expose this past company I worked with?”

my advice to all you sour folks out there: go build.

sour talkers never really impacted the world nor their wallets. talking / complaining is very level -100. You live in a world governed by the laws of energy. That energy is finite. Make sure all of it is aimed at chipping away at your goals.

I know it’s hard not to be sour as our brains are wired for this. There used to be an ROI on vengeance in smaller, non-tech enabled communities. If I murder roger in my village of 25 than I might become king and never have roger threaten my life again.

Now try to this in a 7B human community. Different rules to the game. At this levels, there are more opportunities for you than you can dream of. There’s also endless traps. Avoid the traps, one of them vengeance, and go for the power-ups: building value shit that the world wants.

So yeah, you know my standing point on greenpeace folks vandalizing an oil company’s operations. I mean, it does advance the…



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