Summiting el Pico de Orizaba, Mexico

Charles Cormier
4 min readMay 3, 2022
Me ontop. Don't know wtf is on my tooth there, chocolate? I was more than gone by that point.

Last weekend, I summited Mexico’s highest mountain. America’s 3rd highest mountain, el Pico de Orizaba. 5600 god-damn meters.

Everest is 8800 meters by comparison. It’s on my list in less than 5 years.

El Pico, which I affectively named “the never ending mountain”, was grueling, another true test to my being.

I do these things to improve my psyche, my mindset, in a never ending quest for mental OS optimization. I did upgrade by 2 or 3 levels from doing this last weekend. A better man. A more patient, calmer individual.

I will post various insights I had while journeying to the summit, but here’s the long story short just for you, dear reader.

To avoid you the boring details of the logistics of the equipment and how to get there, I’ll cut straight to the chase and tell you about the D-Day.

I didn’t sleep. You climb el Pico during the night. Supposedly at midnight, 1:00am or 2:00am, but I knew my brain wouldn’t let me sleep, so I pulled an all-nighter. I rested a bit and started packing my stuff at 11:00pm. My guide and I got off at midnight precisely.

It started with a 3-hour mountain climb to the glacier. The routes were snowy, but the snow was perfect. It was humid so that part was easy. The altitude sickness effect started…



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