the men prob

Charles Cormier
2 min readJul 20, 2023
Photo by Mubariz Mehdizadeh on Unsplash

“A men is nothing without his community”

I’m talking with a lot of “men” folks nowadays -> men teaching boys how to be men’s basically.

Weird niche right? At first, I was like who the fuck are you to teach me to be a men?

Isn’t teaching a men to be a men defeating the whole purpose of “being a men”? Isn’t being a men like this testo-mojo thing that you can’t explain with words be just “be”?

Then I met folks like Dr Arne Rubinstein, that became mentors and friends. Just like in any industry, there’ll be the Real Deals and then there will be novices/starters. Like ppl thinking that being a men is having a suit, a rolex, a shape, a deep voice and a nice-looking woman by the arm. These guys can only talk about being “men” while in reality being bros. I’m somewhat of a bro still btw, I still have that bro part in me and probably forever will, although it is diminishing year after year.

So what does it mean to “be a men”?

To me, one definition became clear. It’s very much aligned with being an entrepreneur, and the very mission I’ve been pursuing the last 7 years.

It’s leading a community. It’s sacrifice for the greater good. It’s carrying the logs and the boat. And not bitching or bragging about it. Goggins isn’t far from the whole picture. Just sprinkle some IQ/EQ and…



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